My background includes a 15 year broadcasting career working for the likes of Channel Four, BBC World Service, ITV, Sky and UK TV and over ten years working in journalism.  Having trained at the London Institute of Printing and Distributive Trades in Professional Photography imagery has always been my true love. I’ve worked for numerous publications, including BBC Food Magazine, Black & White Photography Magazine, Darling Magazine and Our Man on the Ground, The Buyer,  Jumeirah Hotel Group as well as many PR companies and restaurants.

Consistent with my passion for travel, food and discovery is the fact that I love to photograph what's before me. I relish photographing people and their surroundings, as well as documentary and street photography, capturing unusual and unique moments.  I like to blend into my environment, become part of it, I travel light and become inconspicuous.

I cover four main areas or photography: Travel, Food, Documentary and TV Stills & Locations.  Sometimes they overlap for instance with travel often food becomes part of that story.  When shooting a restaurant’s food inevitably there is an element of documentary behind the scenes in the kitchen and all the drama that it entails.  A lot of my documentary work is black and white, sometimes clients require it to help isolate a particular subject matter or evoke a feeling.  TV Stills calls for tenacity, subtlety and speed, it’s all about capturing the moment, sometimes unguarded. The client is king so I shoot accordingly.

I have had the great privilege to have travelled extensively to some of the world’s most interesting places but I’m not done yet.  I love travel and the journey; I’m naturally curious and have to find out what’s around the next corner wherever I am.  From the northern province of Salta in Argentina where I saw vast salt flats and landscapes that appeared to come from Mars to watching the midnight sun in Finland just eclipse the horizon then rise again as the clock struck 12, the world is full of amazing sights I have captured.

I can help you achieve your brief by providing the imagery you want on time and on budget whether it’s the latest hipster joint in London’s East End that requires superb food shots, a new menu for your website or a picture led spread in a glossy magazine that gets under the skin of that remote location, its food and people.  Photography is so closely linked to our emotions.  A good photograph can sell a location, plate of food, product or event better than any other way.  Let me help you.

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"Neil is a talented and creative photographer.

I have used him on many occasions for new restaurant openings, food photography

and to illustrate travel destination articles - and have always been delighted by the results"

George Shaw

Managing Director 

Avocado Media


"I've known Neil for a number of years now and he has always been very supportive of my culinary endeavours. He somehow manages to capture the best elements with his food photography, making everything look wonderful. When I have called upon Neil for his services, I have been absolutely delighted with his work"

Fiona Were

Chef Director

Chef Fiona NZ

"I have known Neil for many years and have always admired his work. He has a way of finding angles which give unique perspectives and insight into his subjects. When celebrating a milestone birthday, Neil was the obvious choice to photograph our party and he captured the location and people beautifully. His work is wonderfully contemporary but also has a timeless quality"

Wendy Cartwright

Private event commission


We have worked with Neil on numerous occasions shooting stills for our TV projects.  Most recently, we retained Neil to shoot stills during the production of Dara O'Briain's Go 8-Bit at Elstree Studios.

Neil's behind the scenes photos captured the frenetic nature of the programme and provided an added tool to our marketing team.  We look forward to working with Neil again on our future productions.

Jeff Cotugno

Chief Operating Officer

DLT Entertainment Ltd

"I have commissioned Neil to cover premium drinks launches, hipster bar events and food events. He is a first class photographer who manages to capture the real essence of a subject but also he has the sort of personality and social skills that mean he is a great ambassador for our company" 
Peter Dean 

Drinks Editor

"Neil Hennessy-Vass is a fantastic  food photographer. I have had the pleasure of working with him on a few occasions now and the results are always stunning.
If you need Food Photography, then Neil's your go to guy..... he really knows what he's doing. Very professional, reliable and you will get an amazing job"

Jason Freedman

Curiously Kentish

The Curious Cup Cake Cafe & The Kentish Pantry


"Hills Balfour has worked together with Neil for several years now - he has visited numerous of our clients' destinations over this time and we have always found his images and photographic portrayals of the places he visits to be of the highest quality."
Jo Hartley

Senior PR Director

Hills Balfour 

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